Got a date? Need to borrow a car?

Getting hold of car insurance on a temp basis is no longer a big deal. For a few years now sales of temporary car insurance have grown steadily and it is now one of the most popular insurance products on the Internet and no wonder, it is so useful because it can be purchased at just about any time of day or night, and any day of the year including bank holidays, Easter, Christmas and all the other times when you may just need to borrow a car or lend your own to a friend, only to find all the insurance companies are closed! No problem with this product, since the whole transaction is handled online, including delivery of all the necessary documents to you so that you will have proof of cover if you need to produce it.

Click here for quotes.  Alternatively you can buy one day car insurance from now.

Getting hold of the cover is as easy as falling off a log. Visit the website, answer a few easy questions and you will get a quotation (provided of course that you qualify). A couple more minutes to fill in all the necessary details, pay by credit card and that's it; you can be covered from that moment onwards for any length of time you wish between one day and 28 days, or if you wish you can take out a monthly policy which you can cancel at any time, giving you complete flexibility whether you need a single month, eight months, or any number of months in between.

Temp car insurance is now a well-established product which is being used by hundreds of thousands of British motorists and it may well be the answer to your problems when you need cover for a car, whether you own it or not, for a short period only.

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